Nations Under Fire



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Nations Under Fire

NationsUnderFire Building1Nations Under Fire is a persistent browser based game which allows you direct control of a simulated empire.

NationsUnderFire Building2The game is a real time strategy game where players build up multiple nations within the same empire by building buildings, research technologies and waging war.

NationsUnderFire Building3There are no build timers to slow players down in their goal of expanding their empire and are only restricted by waiting for resources to be produced by their nation's buildings.

NationsUnderFire Building4The game is divided up into multiple worlds where player compete on one of six teams and work together to capture points of interest on the world map to gain bonuses for themselves and their team.

NationsUnderFire Building5Please join the community surrounding the game to speed up the learning process of the Internet's newest real time strategy game.

NationsUnderFire Building6With a goal of conquering and holding points of interest, player can maximize their growth potential and be part of the winning team.


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