Nations Under Fire


Attack is one of the military orders players may issue from a nation as a way to aggressively interact with other players. Attacking neighboring tiles is how you expand your empire. If you win the fight, your empire will gain an additional nation to govern, as long as you do not have the current max number of nations. The maximum number of nations is set by your empire level.

NationsUnderFire Military Tab

Nations may only attack in a single direction one tile away. The target tile must be either a forest tile or a nation tile on another team.

NationsUnderFire Nation Map

Nations will need troops in the nation before it may attack, and in order to use those troops to attack, the player must search for enemies first. This is done by pressing a button.

NationsUnderFire Checck for Enemies

After pressing the button, the system will check the surrounding nations and tell the player the number of enemy nations that were found. The player will then press the button that represents which of the cardinal directions the player would like to attack.

NationsUnderFire Enemies

When attacking adjacent forest tiles, players will need to send at least 100 troops or they will fail each time. When attacking a tile that already has a nation on it that is controlled by a player, it would be wise to perform a diplomatic spy mission prior to the attack to see what the enemy has in the target nation.

After picking a direction to attack, players will then need to choose how many troops they would like to send. The cost to attack an enemy is 1 food, and 2 gold per troop sent (Rounded up). When the player enters a valid number in the input field, the system will show the total cost to deploy the number of troops the player entered. If the nation does not have enough gold or food for the attack, the system will show a message and prevent the attack.

The last step is pressing the Send Troops button to start the combat action.

NationsUnderFire Send Troops

A successful attack will result in your empire gaining a new nation, as long as you are not at your maximum number of owned nations. (Based on empire level)

NationsUnderFire Nation Gained

Players may not build within 10 minutes of being targeted by a military attack that damages a building.

Players may only attack enemies from a nation once every 10 minutes. The time between attacks is displayed on the nation page uder the attack tab.

NationsUnderFire Attack Delay

The attack timer counter down is also displayed on the empire page in each nation's section.

NationsUnderFire Attack Timer