Nations Under Fire


A building is contained in a nation and is used as a game piece to further the goals of the player. A nation may only contain a limited amount of buildings. This limit is set by the town center.

NationsUnderFire Manage Buildings

Each building has a build cost and an upgrade cost. Both costs may be reduced with technology. There is no time requirement to build or upgrade buildings.

There are several types of buildings in the game which include the following:

Town Center, Farm, Lumberyard, Metalworks, Stoneworkers, Gold Mine, Barracks, and Research Center.

All buildings can be upgraded to increase the usefulness of them. With the exception of the town center, buildings can be manually destroyed to make room for other buildings.

Each new nation starts with a level 1 town center and the other buildings will need to be built.

NationsUnderFire town center
NationsUnderFire buildings

Building output is based on the nation's loyalty. If the nation has a loyalty of 50, then each production building will produce only 50% of its normal production. To achieve max output, the loyalty of the nation must be at 100.

Building production is calculated once an hour, but resources are given to each nation every five minutes based on the last calculation. This means that no resources will be gained from a new building until its production is scheduled. When a building is upgraded either by construction or technology, its output will not change until the production is recalculated once each hour.

Change Order

Buildings will most likely be acquired in an order that is less than appealing for many players. For that reason, we have added in the ability for players to reorder their buildings on the nation view page. Near the top right of the building list are some some words labeled Change Order.

NationsUnderFire change order

By clicking on those words, the blue buttons will disappear and small white buttons will appear.

NationsUnderFire change order buttons

Clicking the UP button on a row will cause that building to move upwards in the list of buildings. Similarly, clicking the DOWN button will cause tha row to move lower in the list of buildings. The state of buildings is automatically saved.