Nations Under Fire


This is one of the diplomatic orders players may issue from a nation. A plunder order is used to steal resources from adjacent enemy nations.

NationsUnderFire Diplomatic Tab

A successful plunder mission will steal 10% of the target's resources. It will cost you 150 gold to plunder on an enemy nation. In order to plunder a neighbor, you must first check for enemies. Each nation may only attempt a diplomatic mission once every 30 minutes.

If your target nation has any protection, your plunder mission will fail.

NationsUnderFire Enemies

NationsUnderFire Plunder

It is important to keep in mind that if the enemy nation does not have any resources to steal, you will not get any resources by plundering them.

NationsUnderFire Plunder

If you succeed in a plunder mission, the system will automatically send a message to the player that owns the target nation to let them know it was you with a list of resources stolen.

The diplomatic timer counter down is displayed on the empire page in each nation's section.

NationsUnderFire Attack Timer