Nations Under Fire


Quests are small tasks a player is rewarded for doing in this game. Quests are tied to each nation therefore, each nation will have the same quests to perform.

When a nation has a quest reward ready to be claimed, there will be a small indicator on th eNation Action menu.

NationsUnderFire Quest Menu

Players will receive a reward for completing each quest. The resource quest rewards will be placed in the empire inventory system. The Experience reward will be applied to the empire's level.

NationsUnderFire Quest Rewards

One of the rewards for completing a quest is experience points (XP). XP is used to increase the level of your empire. As you level up your empire, you will be able to upgrade your buildings further. The maximum empire level is currently 10.

Since quests are linked to each nation, if you complete some quests in a nation, but later lose that nation in a battle, and then regain that same nation in a later battle, the quests that are linked to that nation will be reset and allow you to complete them again for some easy rewards.

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